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 Oº°'¨The World Of MeTaL [2007]¨'°ºO, Very

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PostSubject: Oº°'¨The World Of MeTaL [2007]¨'°ºO, Very   Fri Jul 27, 2007 8:16 am

:: Exclucive ::

01-Emilie Autumn_Opheliac

02-Asphyxia_Sense of Decay

03-Ayria_Pink Dress

04-Angelspit_Vena Cava

05-Angelspit_Scars and Stripes

06-Mindless Self Indulgence_Shut Me Up

07-Ayria_My Revenge on the Wor

08-Emilie Autumn_Liar

09-Mindless Self Indulgence_Faggot

10-Dragotika Black_Evolition Edit

11-Parilna Fitako_Total Sehr

12-Trakt the Cold_My Hold Show

13-Dorado Bin_Serias Beat

14-Bills Hell_I Have The Frigis
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Oº°'¨The World Of MeTaL [2007]¨'°ºO, Very
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